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Garden of Praise, Inc. (“GOP”) is a non-profit organization which has been serving the community with inspirational/informational presentations for over seven years via television and otherwise.

The organization solicits established personalities to come and share vital information, wisdom and knowledge of various areas with our viewing audience. GOP TV is a forum where person(s) whether young or old is given the opportunity to share their gift(s) while in the process of learning the formula of perfecting that which they possess. All presentations are digitally recorded and edited and the final presentation is available on VHS and/or DVD.

We are excited to be back with reformation of Garden of Praise. Having presented quality programming for 7 years, Garden of Praise anticipates going to another level by presenting greater opportunities for those less fortunate than ourselves. It is our goal to offer more community services which will include but not be limited to, distribution of clothes, shelter, food, tutorials, counseling, prayer and eventually job opportunities.

Please stay tuned as our steps are ordered by the Lord in this new elevation! God Bless you.

Cookie Price-Drayton, President

Contact Us @ 862-253-8152

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